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Tips & Tricks: One Day at Tokyo DisneySea

Hello people and welcome back to Tokyo DisneySea, the world's best, most immersive theme park. Last week, I published a review on this theme park so if you happen to miss it, check it out here.
As you might have expected, Tokyo DisneySea is a large park with plenty of things to see and explore. If you compare it to the park next door, Tokyo Disneyland, you'll notice straightaway that it's considerably bigger that a normal Disney park: 71 hectares compared to 46 hectares. That's almost 50% bigger thanks to the vast body of water that separates the park's attractions further from each other.

Planning your day at Tokyo DisneySea proves to be helpful in order to make the most of your day. If you're like me - wanting to see, explore, and experience as much of what the park has to offer as possible - knowing the big lines of where to go and what to do would allow you to minimise wasted time at the park. From FastPass strategy to lottery system, here are some of the …

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